AMPAC Awards

Faculty Awards: International Recognition

Changjiang Endowed Chair Professorship, Ministry of Education, China

The most prestigious position given by the Chinese Government

  • Linan An

Wang Kuan-Cheng Foundation Award

  • Linan An

Faculty Awards: National Recognition

NSF Career

  • Rajan Vaidyanathan
  • Yongho Sohn


  • Sudipta Seal

Faculty Fellows

  • ASM Fellows
    • Sudipta Seal
  • AAAS Fellows
    • Sudipta Seal

Faculty Awards: UCF Awards

Yongho Sohn 2009 Distinguished Researcher Award for the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Associate Professor level

  • Jiyu Fang

2009 Distinguished Researcher Award for the University of Central Florida (Centers and Institutes)

  • Jiyu Fang
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